Configuring Dell Force10 Switch

A brand new switch just arrive at my place. Boss said it’s going to replace some old HP switch that’s been bothering me. After some configurations has been done, I think it’s time to write about how to do a basic onfiguration of Dell’s Force10 switch. Learning it’s command is rather easy, especially If you’ve READ MORE

Microsoft Outlook’s Keeps Synchronizing

People would spend hours tinkering on a problem. And that problem usually caused by something trivial. Well, this morning one of my users had one. He complained that every email he sent since yesterday always end up in Outbox folder. I start looking at his screen and it turns out Outlook was stuck in synchronizing READ MORE

Configuring Zoiper to Make An Office Call

Some company still using an installed office desk phone for each employee. This could be a problem if you’re away from your desk and your colleague can’t reach you to discuss things. Another problem is when your job requires you to online at all times, making calls from your office’s number. But what if one READ MORE

Katakan Pada VLAN, Yang Berat Itu Bukan Rindu, Tapi Ngonfig

Dalam dunia jaringan komputer, istilah VLAN pasti tidak asing lagi. Mengenal dan memahami VLAN, menurut saya, adalah suatu hal yang harus dikuasai oleh semua pekerja IT. Kenyataannya tidak sedikit dari teman-teman saya yang masih belum memahami konsep VLAN, terutama dari kalangan mahasiswa dan pelajar. Kali ini saya akan mencoba jelaskan itu semua dengan bahasa sendiri READ MORE