Microsoft Outlook’s Keeps Synchronizing

People would spend hours tinkering on a problem.

And that problem usually caused by something trivial. Well, this morning one of my users had one. He complained that every email he sent since yesterday always end up in Outbox folder. I start looking at his screen and it turns out Outlook was stuck in synchronizing mode. We are using POP mail server and I can guarantee there were no problems. I also tried checking his account settings and all was good.

What I mean by synchronizing is when you clicked on Send/Receive button, Outlook will begin “transferring” emails from the server. He clicked on it several times but the progress was never complete. And there were no error messages. I thought I need to restart the Outlook and see what happens, but unfortunately the problem is still persist. It turned out the Outlook process is still stuck on the Task Manager. So when I ran the “new” Outlook, the “old” one was still running silently in the shadows. That was the problem.

Sorry guys.. Had to do it

Syncing email while having two Outlook running in the background is making them confused.

That’s because your Outlook keeps waiting for the other Outlook to sync, and we know that is not going to happen since you don’t click that sync button on the other. The solution to this problem is obvious: you just have to close the other Outlook to avoid confusion. In my case, even after closing both of the programs, they were still running on the background. So what I had to do was kill these processes, restart Outlook and it should be working normally.

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