Sikunir Summit, One of The Best Sunrise Spot in Dieng

I can finally assure myself that nothing is impossible.

I used to hate visiting (literally) high places like hills, plateau, yet alone a mountain. Not only because I can’t stand cold weather, but mainly because this kind of exercise makes me tired easily. Last time I did the same exercise is when I visited Krakatau and made it to the top in about 30 minutes and it was amazing. On that day, some guy’s hate towards hiking just turned into some kind of euphoria he can’t describe. Then I remember a quite popular place similar to this: Dieng Plateau.

Dieng Plateau, a caldera complex formed by the eruption of ancient Mountain Prau.

It’s a great spot for those who wants to start mountain hiking but have no idea about it’s general rules. I never been there before, so I thought it is best to book an Open Trip with 4 of my friends. It’s a solid 10 hours trip from Jakarta, so be prepared. The journey starts at 8.30 PM on Friday, a lovely start for me.

Lack of sleep doesn’t stop my excitement of a whole new experience. We sleepy heads just arrived and get some breakfast, all happy.  It was 11 degrees (C) outside and our hot cup of tea didn’t survive longer than a minute.

Warung Dieng
Mantap Betul

After our plates were clean and glasses were empty, we’re heading to Kawah Sikidang, a volcanic crater which it’s sulfur always jumps like a god damn deer.

Thick smoke of sulfur is everywhere. There are people having fun riding their motocross and ATV, even I saw a guy boiling eggs and puffing cigarettes in the crater as if death is his best friend. Better buy some of the gas masks if you have trouble dealing with sulfur.

Dieng Sikidang Entrance
Sikidang Entrance
Dieng Sikidang
This is not the top

After couple of photo shooting, we headed down to our mini bus to Jembatan Merah Putih, our next destination.

The bridge is located at the very top of the cliff and stairway there is quite steep. There is a breathtaking scenery waiting for me at the top. It was a pleasant view.

Dieng Mbak Eka
Masuk Mbak Eka
Dieng Big Ponds
Facing the Big Ponds
Dieng Dingin
Dieng Popo
With Popo The Owl

Popo the Owl reminds me of the little owl I used to have when I was little. So meeting him is somewhat special. Giving a tip for his master is the least I can do, hoping he taking a well care off him. I wave the owl goodbye but he didn’t respond. Typical, but that’s what’s makes me love him even more.

Candi Arjuna is our next destination in our short trip to Dieng.

Candi Arjuna is a site of Hindu Temples, made by the ancient people of the 8th century. It offers many historical values and great views too.

Dieng Ntap
Dieng Temple
Arjuna Temple
Dieng Temple
Time to go home

The night is falling, and it’s getting much colder.  Now we have to get back, time for dinner.

As we arrive at the home stay, we were told that our next destination is Sikunir Summit. We were advised to wake early in the morning so we would have enough time to chase the sunrise. At 3 AM the temperature was around 8 degrees (C) and a glass of hot tea is your only friend at that time. So we were headed to the hills at 3.30 AM, sitting in our nice little mini bus listening to some rock music. Noice.

We were nearly there, until our driver decided to stop, telling us that the wind is stronger than usual. I must tell you that part of our groups are… elderly women. So it’s impossible for them to keep going to Sikunir. While the elderly women decided to see the sunrise from another spot, me and the other youngsters decided to get off the bus and walk through the wild winds. How wild is the wind? I’m pretty sure that the force was enough to send a chicken to the moon. And he won’t coming back.

Our tour leader said that we have to walk roughly 1 kilometer until reaching Sembungan.

The good news is we still have more than enough time so we didn’t have to rush. I looked above and I swear the stars are beautiful. It brings a warmth, longing feeling that you won’t experienced anywhere else.

Dieng Village
Sembungan Village

Sembungan itself is the name of a village. It is currently the highest village in Java Island. People are nice, and along the path uphill they were selling stuff. Hot potatoes, meatballs and mainly fried food. They also offer Wedang Jahe, a drink made from ginger to keep you warm. The Summit are what we’re going after. The step is quite steep and can be dangerous especially if you don’t bring a flashlight.

We didn’t make it to the most popular spot since the place is too crowded with tourists.

Instead, our leader found a nice secluded place high enough for us to see many mountains in Java.

Dieng Dawn
We’re not on the top yet
Dieng Dawn
Taken from the secluded place we found
Dieng Silhouette
This is one of my favorites
This is a mainstream silhouette
Dieng Dawn
I couldn’t ask for more

We stayed at the top as long as we could, enjoying the moment while it last.

It is time to get back to the bus as the elderly women were probably waiting for us. On our way down, a friend took this video and I uploaded it on YouTube. It’s quite funny if you know the story behind the song. Hint: try watching it on 1080p60 for the best experience. God damn iPhone camera I want one.

On the way to the bus, I was greeted by the amazing view of this lake.

Dieng Lake
Let’s call it Sembungan Lake

Our next and final destination is Telogo Worno a.k.a Colorful Lake.

This is another beautiful place, where the lake reflects the color green. It is surrounded by trees, many seems dead which added the attractiveness of the lake.

Dieng Path
The Path
Dieng Bin
Little planter on top
Dieng Boys
Group selfie of the boys
With The Girls
With the girls, and still the thumbs up
Dieng Lake
The Green Lake

Our Journey Ended Here, No?

We spent a great amount of time playing around the lake. After all that, we were headed to the home stay to prepare to go home. There’s nothing good in good byes, except the hanging on a hope that someday we would meet again. I really hope that our journey didn’t end here, since Indonesia, with all of her charm, has a lot more to discover.

Thank you.


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