How To Cheat On ePSXe Emulator

It’s been a long week for me and I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic because I’ve stumbled upon a YouTube video about the greatest PSX game I’ve ever played, Suikoden II. Then I decided to give it another try to board the nostalgia train. Being a “hardcore” RPG gamer, I really enjoyed the plot of the game. After hours of playing, I’ve forgotten that there is a specific quest in the game that have to be done in under 20 hours of playing time. Looking at the current time I was in 11 hours, while it should be 4-5 hours playing time if you look at the various guide and walkthrough. Oh and you guessed that right by the way, I’m using ePSXe version 2.0.5.

I named my character Loen. Don’t ask why.

It’s obvious that I won’t be able to make it to the final step of the quest in under 20 hours so… I have to reset the time somehow, using a Gameshark codes. And today I will show you how to actually cheat on ePSXe without using the PEC (PSX Emulation Cheater). 

The first step is you need to enable logs, so the emulator knows what ROM that you’re playing. If this is the first time that you enabled this feature, kindly restart the emulator after you enable it, and then the logs window will appear.

The second step is you need to load your ROM. Simply just start the game that you wish to play, and then look at the log window. It should be showing you this information about the region and details about the ROM. In my case, the game that I’m playing is Suikoden II (Europe region), and it is a PAL one (SLES_024.42). Note this down.

The third step is go to the folder where you installed ePSXe, find the Cheats folder, and then create a Notepad file and name it by the type of your CD ROM. If you want to put cheats for another game, simply create a new Notepad file with different title. Note that If your CD ROM type has a dash symbol (-), you have to replace it with an underscore (_) first. Then after all these steps simply put the code as the image shown. You can easily find the Gameshark codes on the Internet nowadays… Anyway the basic format goes like this:

#<Title of the cheats, you can name it whatever you want> <break space>
<first 8 digit of the cheats> <space> <last four digit of the cheats>

The fourth step is you have to restart the game. And while it plays, go to Options -> Cheats and the rest is self explanatory. The ePSXe cheats feature only shown the code that you’ve wrote for that specific game. Let’s say you have two different game title to cheat (which means two notepad files), the emulator only show the cheat of the game that you’re playing. So if you don’t run any game at the moment, the cheat won’t appears. Please note if you have run the game and the cheat is still not showing, you probably want to go back to step three. There might be something wrong with your code.

So that’s it. I feel really bad for cheating but I think it’s okay. That because I don’t want to rush the game in order to recruit one character to join my party. It’s still better than using cheat to magically recruit him without taking the quest, is it? Well, to be honest this method is by far the easiest. And it’s more convenient than downloading and installing the PEC plugins (Trust me, it’s not worth it). So.. I guess the tutorial is over and I hope that this works for you.





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